Natalia & Seth. Wedding. Trolley Barn. Atlanta

8 Jul

Natalia & Seth | Wedding | Atlanta | Trolley Barn | Summermichelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-1 michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-6 michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-9 michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-8 michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-2 michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-12 michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-3 michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-11 michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-13 michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-7 michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-5 michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-4michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-20michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-16michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-14michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-38michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-37michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-18michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-17michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-19michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-21michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-22michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-23michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-26michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-27michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-24michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-32michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-30michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-29michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-33michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-34michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-35michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-42michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-46michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-47michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-48michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-49michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-53michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-50michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-55michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-56michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-59michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-60michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-62michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-63michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-65michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-66michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-67michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-70michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-71michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-72michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-73michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-74michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-75michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-76michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-77michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-78michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-79michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-80michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-81michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-82michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-83michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-84michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-88michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-91michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-92michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-93michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-94michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-95michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-96michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-97michelleconsuegradotcom-nataliaandseth-98

Kind hearts & a strong love – these two are easy to adore and sure know how to have fun.  Natalia & Seth are super cool and totally the kind of people you can’t help but celebrate!

Thank you Seth & Natalia for letting us take part in your totally incredible wedding day, we wish you both all the happiness!

Photographer: Michelle Marie Photography – // Venue: The Trolley Barn – // Event Designer: Bride, DIY // Event Coordinator: Peggy Buchanan – // Makeup: Erin Battaglia – // Hair: Erin Battaglia – // Cake/Dessert: Cecilia Villaveces Cakes – // Caterer: Zest Atlanta – // Florist: Kim Jones – (9501 Northshore Drive Knoxville, TN 37922) // Officiant: Monsignor Frank McNamee – // Ceremony Musician: Sloan Renae Carver – // DJ/Band: Brett Leggitt, Black Tie Events – // Wedding Dress: Winnie Couture – // Veil/Hair Accessory: Janice (will need to get back to you on her last name/website-if any) // Jewelry: Kate Spade (necklace) // Shoes: Badgley Mischka – // Bridesmaids Dresses: Joanna August – & Jim Hjlem Ocassions – // Groom’s Suite: J. Crew – Groom’s//  Shoes: Jos. A Bank – // Groomsmen Suites: Jos. A Bank – // Stationary: Ashley Turner – // DIY resources: Michael’s & Nashville Flea Market


Sarah E. Lewis . Portrait . Founder of Bootleg Airstream

21 Oct

Sarah E. Lewis | Portrait | Fall| Austin, TxSarah E. Lewis Photograph by Michelle ConsuegraSarah E. Lewis, founder of Bootleg Airstream // Photograph by Michelle ConsuegraSarah E. Lewis, founder of Bootleg Airstream // Photo by Michelle ConsuegraSarah E. Lewis, founder of Bootleg Airstream // Photograph by Michelle ConsuegraSarah is one cool chica.  This self proclaimed Austin “Shoe Matchmaker” doesn’t fall short of her claim and seems to have a magical way of not only finding a gorgeous vintage boot to fit but certainly the ONE you will instantly fall in love with.  Her effortless charm, natural beauty and down to earth nature give off the impressing of more than a unique and personalized retail experience, but also like you got to chill in a kick’n, beautifully curated airstream with an old buddy.  Thanks Sarah for sharing a pair of boots I now can’t imagine a Fall without and for the pleasure of capturing your presence.

Go check out the latest on Bootleg Airstream on Facebook or twitter (@bootlegairstrm)

Wyatt. Newborn. Birmingham

30 Sep

Baby Wyatt| Newborn| Fall| Birmingham, AL 
IMG_6951IMG_7346IMG_7305IMG_7238IMG_6923IMG_6948IMG_6927IMG_7002IMG_6934 IMG_7034IMG_7068IMG_7035IMG_7111IMG_7079 IMG_7120 IMG_7136 IMG_7142IMG_7160IMG_7153 IMG_7192 IMG_7206 IMG_7221 IMG_7308-2 IMG_7316 IMG_7322 IMG_7326 IMG_7332We are so happy for this adorable family on the arrival of their little guy Wyatt!  What a cutie, it was so precious observing how Cody and Brandi cuddled, kissed and nurtured this little bundle. He has a life full with love ahead of him with these two wonderful new parents.  Wishing all the the blessings and joy as they grow together.

Alice’s First Birthday. Tea Party. Atlanta

29 Sep

Alice’s First Birthday| Tea Party| Fall| Atlanta,GA | Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea PartyIMG_7394IMG_8000IMG_7375IMG_7373IMG_7370IMG_7385IMG_7390IMG_7396IMG_7400IMG_7407IMG_7409IMG_7414IMG_7427IMG_7431IMG_7434IMG_7440IMG_7442IMG_7458IMG_7443IMG_7469IMG_7460IMG_7473IMG_7478IMG_7504IMG_7496IMG_7514IMG_7535IMG_7538IMG_7550IMG_7566IMG_7570IMG_7577IMG_7582IMG_7594IMG_7599IMG_7600IMG_7613IMG_7632IMG_7635IMG_7639IMG_7647IMG_7653IMG_7651IMG_7655IMG_7656IMG_7658IMG_7689IMG_7695IMG_7691IMG_7703IMG_7716IMG_7719IMG_7756IMG_7802IMG_7884IMG_7923IMG_7955IMG_7953IMG_7963IMG_7985IMG_7994


A beautiful afternoon with the sweetest family and group of friends, gathered around hot tea & crumpets, filling the air with laughter and cheer to celebrate little Alice’s first birthday!  I still can not get over the adorable decor and details put into this little “Alice in Wonderland” party.  It was such a great time documenting this special group of friends and their love for this precious little lady.


Weiner Family . Rosemary Beach

14 Jul

IMG_4002IMG_3404 IMG_3500 IMG_3542
IMG_3586 IMG_3665 IMG_3707 IMG_3751 IMG_3754 IMG_3932 IMG_3947 IMG_3951 IMG_3957IMG_3978 IMG_4016 IMG_4054 IMG_4131 IMG_4221 IMG_4280 IMG_4309 IMG_4351 IMG_4400 IMG_4419 IMG_4441 IMG_4453 IMG_4455 IMG_4475 IMG_4485 IMG_4494 IMG_4496 IMG_4521 IMG_4541 IMG_4565 IMG_4582 IMG_4639 IMG_4712


This adorable family is the best and we loved getting to catch up with them and capture their sweet summertime memories together playing on the beach and strolling through the lovely streets of Rosemary Beach!  Thanks so much Weiner Family, we can’t wait till next time.

Alex + Melissa . Wedding . The Inn at Serenbe

24 Jun

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Alex & Melissa, you guys are amazing. Your day was absolutely lovely, getting to capture your family & friends love on you two and celebrate your beautiful life together was such a rad experience. Thanks for having Aaron and I along for the big day!



Photographer: Michelle Marie photographer .
Event Designer/cake/florist, etc: Gloriosa Design .
Makeup/Hair: Maria Heckscher Salon .
Officiant: Curt Benham and Jonathan Adams .
Ceremony Musician: Mark Miller .
DJ/Band: Three Way Street .
Wedding Dress: New Natalie’s Bridal .
Bridesmaids Dresses: JCrew .
Stationer was Janna Charoenlap .

Lainie + Andrew . Wedding . The Barn At High Points Farm

16 Jun

sneakpeek-8702sneakpeek-2360 sneakpeek-2387sneakpeek-8510sneakpeek-8504sneakpeek-8484sneakpeek-8460 sneakpeek-2399 sneakpeek-2454 sneakpeek-2475 sneakpeek-2527 sneakpeek-2570 sneakpeek-2586sneakpeek-8511sneakpeek-8438sneakpeek-3563sneakpeek-3888 sneakpeek-2696 sneakpeek-2796 sneakpeek-2822 sneakpeek-2919 sneakpeek-2958 sneakpeek-2977 sneakpeek-3049 sneakpeek-3057 sneakpeek-3127 sneakpeek-3197 sneakpeek-3408 sneakpeek-3468 sneakpeek-3482 sneakpeek-3552 sneakpeek-3557sneakpeek-3577 sneakpeek-3636 sneakpeek-3679 sneakpeek-3692 sneakpeek-3701 sneakpeek-3705 sneakpeek-3729 sneakpeek-3733 sneakpeek-3738 sneakpeek-3740 sneakpeek-3756 sneakpeek-3764 sneakpeek-3781sneakpeek-4494 sneakpeek-3892 sneakpeek-3991 sneakpeek-4152 sneakpeek-4225 sneakpeek-4320 sneakpeek-4363 sneakpeek-4389sneakpeek-4533sneakpeek-4523 sneakpeek-4552

What an amazing day in early May with Andrew, Lainie and their dearest family and friends. It was an incredible celebration filled with gorgeous, special moments and surrounded by the people that love them.

Huge Thanks to Aaron for covering this awesome day with me!

Venue: The Barn at High Points Farm