Alice’s First Birthday. Tea Party. Atlanta

29 Sep

Alice’s First Birthday| Tea Party| Fall| Atlanta,GA | Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea PartyIMG_7394IMG_8000IMG_7375IMG_7373IMG_7370IMG_7385IMG_7390IMG_7396IMG_7400IMG_7407IMG_7409IMG_7414IMG_7427IMG_7431IMG_7434IMG_7440IMG_7442IMG_7458IMG_7443IMG_7469IMG_7460IMG_7473IMG_7478IMG_7504IMG_7496IMG_7514IMG_7535IMG_7538IMG_7550IMG_7566IMG_7570IMG_7577IMG_7582IMG_7594IMG_7599IMG_7600IMG_7613IMG_7632IMG_7635IMG_7639IMG_7647IMG_7653IMG_7651IMG_7655IMG_7656IMG_7658IMG_7689IMG_7695IMG_7691IMG_7703IMG_7716IMG_7719IMG_7756IMG_7802IMG_7884IMG_7923IMG_7955IMG_7953IMG_7963IMG_7985IMG_7994


A beautiful afternoon with the sweetest family and group of friends, gathered around hot tea & crumpets, filling the air with laughter and cheer to celebrate little Alice’s first birthday!  I still can not get over the adorable decor and details put into this little “Alice in Wonderland” party.  It was such a great time documenting this special group of friends and their love for this precious little lady.



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